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Relationships are a key part of our lives and emotional wellbeing and so when these break down they can have a big impact.


Couples and relationship counselling looks at helping to improve communication and resolve issues with a partner, family member, friend or colleague.


Many of us will experience difficulty in our relationships at some stage in our lives and talking to someone who has no connection to your relationship can be helpful in gaining perspective on what is going on. This can be particularly useful when communication breaks down and it becomes difficult to talk through things to get a resolution. Although, many also use couples and relationship counselling  as a way to maintain a healthy relationship rather than addressing a specific issue.


There are many different reasons why people may seek couples and relationship counselling some of which may include


* Lack of trust


* Communication issues


* Betrayl or affair


* Financial issues


* Sexual issues


* Parenting differences


* Family Conflicts


* Ending a relationship


* Different goals


* Life changes


* Work-related stress


Sometimes it can be helpful to have short-term individual sessions alongside meeting all together. There may perhaps be things that are difficult to say to one another and discussing this with a therapist first can help to be able to say this in the couples and relationship session.





Couples / Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy


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