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Addictions can develop in many forms such as gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex, food or computer gaming. Whatever your addiction may be, recognising that you have a problem and want to make changes is the first step and an important step on the road to recovery.


Individual’s develop addictions for many different reasons it may be for an escape, relaxation, confidence or a reward. During our sessions together we will explore your triggers and reasons for your addiction. We will also look for new coping strategies to correct the problematic behaviour and ultimately create a new way to think, feel and act. Other areas that we may explore can include areas such as goal setting, motivations to change, support networks, communication and confidence


The time scale for addiction counselling and psychotherapy varies greatly from person to person and so can be short or long term. A big factor that can influence the therapy is how motivated an individual is towards making changes and if this is something which they have chosen to address themselves.


I provide addiction counselling and psychotherapy as one-to-one sessions or group sessions.


Addictions can result in both psychological and physical dependency and it is therefore recommended that you consult with your GP either prior or alongside therapy.

Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy


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